Djuce is not your regular wine brand. We're a liquid powerhouse of new wine experiences, with a minimal carbon footprint.

We drink our cans on crowded subway trains and in the back of Ubers, decked out in ski boots and lounging on sun-soaked balconies, through buzzing dinner parties and quiet Tuesday nights, from Tokyo vending machines and during audio-based tastings, with Chinese takeout and mixed into excellent cocktails, during road-trip park-ups, afterparties and first dates, on rooftops at 3am, at the 16th hole on the golf course, in Google Hangouts with the camera off, when the kids have finally fallen asleep, and poured into a glass whenever we feel like it.


Top European Wines

We work with top acclaimed producers across Europe that not only care about their work - but also about Mother Earth. Our wines vary from the wildest of orange juices to straight Rieslings. From Austria and Croatia, to France and Italy.

Sustainable Packaging

At Djuce we're all about alternative packaging. Switching from bottles to cans saves up to 79% of the CO2 emissions from packaging. That's huge. Furthermore, cans are 20x lighter, twice as efficient to transport, and don't break as easily.

Worried about the taste? The custom liner inside the cans protects the juice from ever coming in contact with the aluminum. We've blind tested several top sommeliers - and no one can tell the difference from a bottle.

Beautiful Art

We collaborate with super talented creatives from all over the world and promote their art on our aluminium canvas. We aim to build the worlds largest physical “gallery” of contemporary art - one can at a time. So far we've collaborated with artists from New York to Seul, from Stockholm to Berlin.