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Our goal is to provide great wines while saving the environment. By switching to cans over the glass you are making a decision to join us in making a dramatic difference for the planet. Ditch the antiquated bottle and reach for something unique. Something adorned with art that moves us to think and revel in life.

Gram CO2e / Liter
Source: Systembolaget

79% less CO₂/L

We’re not joking, aluminium is an incredible wine container. It's 28x more efficient to recycle than bottles and 3/4 of all aluminium ever mined is still in use today! By joining the switch from bottles to cans you’re helping us cut 79% of the CO2 emissions on packaging. If that’s not exciting enough, consider that cans are twenty times lighter, twice as efficient to transport, and don't break as easily.

The perfect size

250ml is the holy grail of wine packaging. Dinner with lots of exquisite pairings? No sweat, just switch a few cans out. A hot summer hike with your friends? Until needed, you won’t even notice it’s there. Unwinding after tucking in the kids? Absolutely. The only limit is your imagination. Treat yourself to a unique drink less, drink better experience.

Protecting the wine

No rusted metallic tastes. Guaranteed. Our custom can liner works day and night to protect the juice from ever coming in contact with the aluminum. It also keeps the wines in immaculate condition for a minimum of 12 months.

Sustainably Farmed

Sustainably Farmed

We only source wines from sustainably farmed vineyards across Europe.

Minimum Sulphites

Minimum Sulphites

Seeking to provide the tastiest wines, we run from zero to just a dash of sulpher.

100% Vegan

100% Vegan

No animals (or humans) were hurt during the winemaking process of Djuce.

11 Wines

10 Regions

9 Producers

11 Grape varieties

0% Glass

  • Riesling Provence Beaujolais

    Riesling Provence Beaujolais