Djuce is not your regular wine brand.

We’re a liquid powerhouse, 100% focused on creating new kinds of wine experiences, collaborating with new types of wine drinkers, and minimising the CO2 footprint of it all. We are currently looking for our #1 US employee to spearhead sales, and be an instrumental part in building our company.

  • Global Media Coverage

    Djuce has been featured in The Guardian, Financial Times, Forbes, and many other publications.

  • Top Class Listings

    Our cans have been listed at Erewhon, Foxtrot, Chateau Marmont, The NoMad, Selfridges (UK), and many other high-profile accounts.

  • Critical Fame

    Our wines have received two Best in Show at the Independent Canned Wine Award, and more than 10 Gold Medals.

National Sales Director in the US

We are looking for someone to be the leader of Djuce in the US. Someone to bring the energy and make it one of the leading canned wine brands in the market.

An entrepreneur, a wolf, and a sales master. Sounds like a job for you?

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The Role


In short, everything from liquid to brand is in place, with 1000s of consumers raving about it in 17 markets on 3 continents. But we are only getting started. We are looking for someone to be the leader of Djuce in the US, and bring the energy to make it one of the leading canned wine brands in the market. At it core this means sales:

* To the relevant retail chains (we expect you to be on text basis with their buyers)
* To hotel, airlines, stadiums and other hospitality groups
* To festivals and other experience/entertainment groups
* To distributor partners

We expect you to set your own job description, to meet set goals, and then go deliver above and beyond it. We also expect you to roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself. Over time the role will include building a team of regional sales reps, but it starts with you and the sales you can make.


  • A wolf - you should love the sales hunt so much you are willing to do almost anything to get our wine out there
  • Entrepreneurial spirit - this job will be many jobs over the next couple of years, most times at once. This should excite you.
  • Existing National Account On and/or Off-Premise account relationships = Accounts that you can switch on day one because they know and trust you
  • A deep understanding (meaning you know how to work it) of the three-tier system
  • A sales entertainer, who can captivate a room and use copy, slides and your way of engaging to make sales where others don’t


  • Be super OK to spend time on the road/multiple overnight travel
  • Wine knowledge
  • Minimum of five years previous professional sales experience in beverage alcohol (preferably wine) required
  • Valid driver’s license

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