Step 01

Download all the goodies

Download the Hosting Pack-zip containing the full sound experience in mp3, and a custom tasting design to be printed on some nice thick A5 paper if you want to up the Djuce vibe. Be sure to double check your sound system, you want a Hans Zimmer-level of sound experience for this, we promise.

Download the ZIP

Step 02

Place four empty wine glasses per person on the table

Want to make it fun? Use a different glass for each wine.

Step 03

Add one glass of water per person to the mix, along with a carafe

Or several carafes if you’ve got a party.

Step 04

Dim the lights and remove any distractions

You want full focus from everyone in this experience.

Step 05

Are you taking part in the tasting yourself? 

Pour all the wines directly before you start (order left to right: Provence Rosé, Riesling, Orange, Beaujolais). Are you not participating yourself? Then you can pour each specific wine during their audio intro. Follow the same order as above. You should pour roughly 7-8 cl per glass.

Step 06

Start the session

Consider entering the experience a tiny bit tipsy or perhaps try breaking the ice before-hand. Stressed and stiff is not what we are looking for. The better the vibe is around the table, the better the experience will be. Remember, once the journey begins - go 100% all in.

Step 07

Discuss, compare, agree and disagree

This is the fun part. Who focused on standard tastes? Who got feelings or vivid images in their head? Who loved the voice? Who hated it? There is a lot to talk about, let it take time.

Step 08

Share the love

Take some nice pics of you and your friends and share it all with @djucewines