Introducing the first wine glass you can't crash.

Is this really the world's first unbreakable (plastic) wine glass? No. Is it the first that doesn't look and feel like a boring and bad alternative to wine glasses? As far as we know, definitely yes. We've spent a year designing and perfecting this beautiful, light, and unbreakable wine glass that you can bring everywhere. Drop it, throw it, kick it - it will hold. And it will look awesome while doing it.


  • Design in focus

    This isn't your standard plastic wine glass. This is a custom designed, drop shaped and ripple pattern, Djuce-infused, lifestyle item.

  • Unbreakable material

    The glasses are made from BPA-free Tritan plastic that's designed to withstand some serious use. And it's of course dishwasher safe.

  • Sustainable use

    Plastic is bad. But plastic used over and over and over again is a lot less bad. And way better than breaking real glass or using one-time plastics.

More of the nitty gritty

The design idea

The Djuce Unbreakable Glass embodies much of our Scandinavian design heritage - simplicity and elegance. We wanted it to stand out from the crowd of standard and boring plastic wine glasses, so we created a custom ripple pattern, a smooth drop shape that suits any type of wine, and thin edges to give more of that real glass feeling.

The ripple effect also creates beautiful lights and reflections, even more so when filled with colourful wine.

SIZE: Ø: 8,5 x H: 9 cm

MATERIAL: Tritan Plastic

VOLUME: 42 cl 

CARE: Dishwasher-safe

Drink without fear - everywhere.

The glasses are the perfect fit for mountain hikes, lavish pool parties, full-on events, rooftop craziness, sunny beaches, and springtime parks - you get the point. Never fear that the glasses are going to break, the occasional spill might still happen though.

Sold in tall tube-packs of four

The glasses are sold in packs of four. Perfect size for the group, family, or a give away present. You can also use the tube as packaging longterm if you want to.