A (home) wine tasting experience unlike any other

We picked out a few of our Djuce wines, wrote an overly ambitious 30 min script, hired an American fiverr.com-speaker to record it, found a Ukrainian sound engineer to create it, and here you have the final product - a crazy and pretty entertaining audio trip in the shape of a wine tasting. Fun with friends, alone in the dark or in whatever shape or form you prefer.

Play sample audio 01

Play sample audio 02

Play sample audio 03

How it works

1. Order the wine

One Wine Tasting Sessions-pack is enough for 9 people if you’re pouring "tasting amounts” of wine (~8cl per glass). So depending on how many thirsty mouths attending, you may need more than one pack. You do the math.

We have packs with just the wine, and packs with wine and face masks. Whatever floats your boat.

The Audio Tour - Regular 6 Pack The Audio Tour - Mega 12 Pack

2. Prep the tasting

When you’ve got the wine kit, it’s time to prep the whole tasting. We’ve created a simple and quick guide on how to optimise the experience. Check below.


3. Go 100% all in

The more you hype and indulge in this crazy journey - the more fun it will be. Get your friends in the same mood, take some fun photos and share them with @djucewines.

Some inspiration