Famille Chaudière

1365A Route de Flassan Château Pesquié, 84570 Mormoiron, France

Famille Chaudière has perfected their wine making skills here in Provence since the 70’s, focusing on organic growing methods. Alexandre and Frédéric, two brothers, are currently running the show.

On the outskirts of the French Alps, the spine-like limestone ridge known as Sainte Victoire characterizes this region - Provence. Despite the poor soils of limestone and red-clay sands that surround the area, the mountain itself has been captured by many different painters due to its splendor. The Chaudière family works to tame the mountain’s spirit, painting it into their wine.

The Chaudière family has been cultivating fresh grapes and creating rich wine for three generations. The estate itself was started by the family in the 70’s with just a few hectares of land. Near the latter half of the 80’s the family began making the switch to more organic growing methods and became one of the first vineyards in France to become part of the FARRE network which stands for “Forum de l’Agriculture Raisonnée et Respectueuse de l’Environnement” (Forum of Reasoned Agriculture Respecting the Environment).

All of the work that the previous generations did to ensure healthy grapes and excellent farming practices means that Alexandre and Frédéric, the brothers currently running the farm, are able to pick up their family’s legacy with grace. Now running an organic vineyard, these two brothers impart their deep love for the mountain ranges that surround their farm. Their wines tend towards fruity and lively flavours, reminding us of lively parties while remaining steeped in tradition.

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  • Provence - Rosé WineProvence - Rosé Wine
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    Provence - Rosé Wine Vendor:
    Famille Chaudière

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Provence - Rosé Wine

Light, bright, brilliant. Like strolling a flourishing garden at midnight, this one is invigorating and casually captivating. Watching the moonlight twinkle on a patch of flowers as the soft soil forms around your feet.

STYLE Classic
TASTE Grapefruit/Red berries/white flowers
PRODUCER Famille Chaudière
REGION AOC Côtes de Provence
GRAPES 60% Cinsault – 30% Grenache – 10% Rolle
VOLUME 250 ml







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