Sourcing sustainable wines and challenging the ordinary. Our producers are the top minds in ethically sourced European wine. Snap open a can of Djuce and explore Europe with us.

Bresolin Bio


Enrico, Matteo, and Davide opened the doors to their organic wine production, Bresolin Bio, in 2012. As a young and independent group of winegrowers, they do wines with absolute respect...

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Hugging the picturesque Croatian Dalmatian Coast, Bibic vineyards are nothing short of breathtaking. The plump grapes are right at home with the stone mansions and olive groves scattered around the...

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Famille Chaudière


Famille Chaudière has perfected their wine making skills here in Provence since the 70’s, focusing on organic growing methods. Alexandre and Frédéric, two brothers, are currently running the show.

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Heart-thumping, exquisite Austrian diversity on full display. A biodynamic and family run operation mixing animals, farming and natural wines.

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German passion erupting with wild and harmonious aromas. The wines here have a distinct, familial flavour. Maybe it’s the lack of artificial fertilizer, maybe it’s the fact that this vineyard...

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Dominique Piron


Distinctness infused with French sophistication. The Piron estate has been making wines since 1590 AD here in Beaujolais - the cradle of the natural wine movement.

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  • Rosso - Red Wine
  • Bianco - White Wine
  • Riesling - White Wine
  • Bourgogne 2019 - White Wine